• Recent Success Stories

    The following are recent success stories. Customer Insurance Products Previous Carrier Annual Savings Kristine C. Personal Auto Renters Umbrella Elephant Insurance $1,200 Kristine came to our agency looking for a more affordable auto insurance policy. She wanted full coverage on one of her vehicles and liability only on the other. Kristine had her insurance with… Learn more

    Recent Success Stories
  • How was your last claims experience?

    We ask this question to new and existing customers on a pretty regular basis to compare the service our insurance companies provide and their competitors. The claims experience sometimes can be an emotional one. During the claim many thoughts can go through your head like, why did this happen, how quickly can I get back… Learn more

    How was your last claims experience?
  • 6 Reasons That Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Buying Life Insurance

    By: Amanda Prischak | November 4, 2016 What are the real reasons holding you back from getting life insurance? Are you like the majority of Americans who don’t have it, but say that they know they need it? A study by the financial and insurance organization LIMRA shows that 6 in 10 Americans have life… Learn more

    6 Reasons That Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Buying Life Insurance
  • For Businesses

    We know how hard you work to cultivate and maintain your business. We also know there are risks you face every day that threaten what you’ve built. We put that knowledge to work by offering products and liability coverage to soundly protect you and your business.

    For Businesses
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Your home is your family’s security and stability. What protects you deserves protection, too. Insure with us to soundly safeguard your home’s structure, your possessions and your liability.

    Homeowners Insurance

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