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Perry Family Insurance Agency (Agent) an independently owned insurance agency offers this privacy statement as an exhibition of our promise to your privacy. The following discloses information gathered and used for this website.

The information published on Agent’s web site does not warrant or provide insurance coverage by any means. This web site is not binding and has no legal authority over insurance, company bylaws, claims, payments, quotes, applications, or online forms. Agent does not guarantee any illustrations displayed on its web site.

Information entered and collected by User input on the web site releases and holds Agent harmless from any error and/or omissions should the information be used for the User to purchase insurance and/or make changes to the User’s current and/or past policy (ies) serviced by Agent.

Statements published on this web site should be interpreted for informational purposes only and does not legally obligate Agent to any statement posted. This web site does not represent any consultation for insurance.

External links and web sites not associated with Agent provide their own privacy and disclaimer notices, which you are subject to reading and understanding prior to interacting with that association’s web site. Agent is not responsible for the content, statements, and literature contained on those associations’ web sites and does not guarantee its business relationship with those associations.

Notice of Information Practices

In accordance with applicable federal and state laws, a credit report or other investigative report about you may be requested in connection with this application for insurance and subsequent amendments and renewals. Credit scoring information, where allowed, may be used to determine either your eligibility for insurance or the premium you will be charged. We may use a third party in connection with the development of your score.

Any information which we have or may obtain about you or other individuals listed as policyholders on your policy will be treated confidentially. However, this information, as well as other personal or privileged information subsequently collected, may, under certain circumstances, and where permitted by law, be disclosed without prior authorization to non-affiliated third parties. We may also share such information with affiliated companies for such purposes as claims handling, servicing, underwriting and insurance marketing.

You have the right to see personal information collected about you, and you have the right to correct any information which may be wrong. If you are interested in obtaining a description of our information practices, and your rights regarding information we collect, ask your agent, or, if you have been issued a policy, please write us at the address provided with your policy.

Except as provided by your current insurance policy no coverage is bound until requested in writing and confirmed by an authorized agent.


Our site may deliver session-level cookies. These cookies allow you to have a unique user session while requesting insurance quotes and other information. These cookies should not be stored on your computer after you close your browser and should not be stored permanently on your hard drive.

Insurance Quote and Information Request Forms

Our website’s insurance quote request forms and information request forms may require users to provide us with contact information (such as name, e-mail and postal addresses), unique identifiers (such as social security number), and demographic information (such as zip code and age). Contact Information from the information and insurance quote forms is used to get in touch with customers when necessary.

This data is necessary for the processing of and future identification of insurance quotes and confirmation of mailing addresses and is used solely for that purpose. Information is never sold to third parties for any purpose. Unique Identifiers (such as social security numbers) are collected from site visitors solely for the processing of an insurance quote. Demographic and Profile Data is also collected at our site. This data is also necessary for processing an insurance quote and is used solely for that purpose.

The privacy and security of your personal information is important to us. This notice is to inform you about our policies and procedures concerning your personal information that we collect, maintain and disclose only for the purpose of the insurance policies you obtain from us. In order to offer the highest quality insurance products at the lowest possible rates, we collect, maintain, and, in some instances, share “nonpublic personal information” about you. Nonpublic personal information may include your name, address, social security number, wage information, driving record, policy coverages, medical information or credit history.

It may also include transaction information such as your premium payment or claims history with us. We value the importance of your personal privacy and are committed to protecting it as we provide for your insurance needs. This information is required and is used directly with insurance carriers for the sole purpose of insurance quotes or current policy changes as per privacy practices used in the industry.

External Links

This site may contain links to other sites not affiliated with Agent. Agent shall not be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such non-affiliated websites.

Certificates of Insurance

According to the code of the Commonwealth of Virginia §38.2-518 (Certificates of Insurance) and Maryland code §19-116 (Certificates of Insurance and Certificate of Insurance Forms) this agency complies with the following. 1. No person shall issue or deliver any certificate of insurance that attempts to confer any rights upon a third party beyond what the referenced policy of insurance expressly provides. 2. No certificate of insurance may represent an insurer’s obligation to give notice of cancellation or nonrenewal to a third party unless the giving of such notice is required by the policy. 3. No person shall knowingly demand or require the issuance of a certificate of insurance from an insurer, insurance producer, or policyholder that contains any false or misleading information concerning the policy of insurance to which the certificate makes reference. 4. No person shall knowingly prepare or issue a certificate of insurance that contains any false or misleading information or that purports to affirmatively or negatively alter, amend, or extend the coverage provided by the policy of insurance to which the certificate makes reference. To learn more about this code, please visit (Virginia) and (Maryland).