Kevin Perry, AISM


Mr. Perry’s wife Heather and three children have live in Dinwiddie since 2002. Kevin Perry has been an active member of the community for over twenty years. Mr. Perry has been on several local and cross country church mission trips, currently volunteers at local charity events, and is an active member of his church. Kevin has been a licensed insurance agent since 2004. Mr. Perry and his wife are also active professional photographers.



“Some people think I did not have a choice seeing how I married into an insurance savy family, but the choice was all mine. For most people insurance is a requirement to purchase and maintain, but for a few (like me) we see it as an investment. You are investing into a company that will be by your side and sometimes hold your hand when you have loss. This investment starts with an insurance agent by gaining trust and building a relationship. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I enjoy building strong valuable relationships. Being an insurance agent gives me meaning and purpose in the community and life. I certainly know that there would be no way that my wife and I could re-build our home if a hurricane struck it without insurance.”