Recent Success Stories

The following are recent success stories.

Customer Insurance Products Previous Carrier Annual Savings
Kristine C.
  • Personal Auto
  • Renters
  • Umbrella
Elephant Insurance $1,200
Kristine came to our agency looking for a more affordable auto insurance policy. She wanted full coverage on one of her vehicles and liability only on the other. Kristine had her insurance with Elephant Insurance and her annual premium was $2,880. Kristine recently moved in with her Mom and did not have any personal coverage for her personal property or liability.

We were able to provide Kristine a new Erie Insurance auto policy that enhanced her liability, lowered her deductible, added personal property coverage (coverage she did not have before), and added extra liability to protect her auto and renters with an additional $1,000,000 in coverage. Her new annual premium for all policies is $1,680 ($100 less per month than just the one auto policy with Elephant).



Customer Insurance Products Previous Carrier Annual Savings
Keith H.
  • Homeowners
  • Personal Auto
  • Umbrella
Nationwide $1,278
  Keith had been with Nationwide for 30 years and truly enjoyed the relationship he had with his agent. The two talked about Keith’s insurance every other year. Recently Keith discovered after speaking with his agent that the addition Keith added to his home a few years ago did not accurately reflect on Keith’s replacement cost coverage. Keith asked his agent if the policy could be updated. Keith was not that happy that his agent had not asked him about any updates to his home. After adding the new addition to the policy Keith’s premiums increased significantly. Keith called our agency to only quote his home insurance. Instead we were able to write a new personal auto, home and umbrella policies, which saved Keith $1,278 in annual premium. Not only were we able to save Keith premium, but we provided him Guaranteed Replacement cost coverage on his home, which he did not have before. We also, added Better Car Replacement coverage for his two vehicles, Guaranteed his auto insurance premium for the next three years, will reduce Keith’s auto deductible by $100 for each year he does not have a claim, and increased his liability to over $1.5 million.


Customer Insurance Products Previous Carrier Annual Savings
Hardware Store
  • Workers’ Compensation
The Hartford $1,742
  Our customer was looking to move their Workers’ Compensation policy to our agency since we already had their General Liability insurance. After review of their current policy with The Hartford we discovered a payroll discrepancy. Their payroll should have been listed at $440,000 instead of the reported $385,600. We were able to write their new policy with Erie that increased their Employers’ Liability, accurately report their payroll and reduce their rate from $2.31 to $1.84 per hundred of their payroll.



Customer Insurance Products Previous Carrier Annual Savings
Basil K.
  • Home
Virginia Properties

Virginia Farm Bureau

  Basil currently has his business insurance with our agency. Basil called to review his homeowners insurance. Basil told us that he had a Virginia Farm Bureau policy for a number of years. Then last year he received a notice that his homeowners policy would be cancelled because the insurance company was no longer providing insurance in his area. He called his agent to find out what they could do to help. The agent was able to secure a new homeowners policy through Virginia Properties Insurance Association, but for a much higher premium.

After the policy was bound an inspector came out to the home to take photos and discovered Basil has a dog (chow/lab mix). Basil told us the Farm Bureau agent knew about the dog when his old policy was in place. A week later Basil received a cancellation notice from the new insurance company stating that his dog did not fit in their underwriting guidelines.

We were able to meet the dog personally and review that our underwriting guidelines did not have any problems with the dog. We issued a new homeowners policy that enhanced Basil’s coverage and saved him annual premium. We were also able to move his personal auto insurance over to us as well.



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