Seriously Good Insurance

Save more when you bundle.

Want to save money on your insurance? (Who doesn’t?) The best way to do that, especially as rates trend upwards, is to purchase your home, auto and life insurance from the same insurer. If you have a home policy or a qualifying life insurance policy* from ERIE in addition to your auto insurance, you’ll earn a Multi-Policy Discount.


There are lots of other discounts available for your home and auto policies, too, like the Multi-Car Discount, Safe Driver Discount, Car Safety Equipment Discounts, Driver Training Discount, Fire and/or Burglary Alarm System Discount, Age of Insured Discount and more.


Give us a call today. We can help you review your current discounts and bundle your insurance, if you haven’t already, for an added discount.

Reduce Your Premiums

Writing a check for car insurance isn’t your favorite thing in the world. We get it.

Here are a few tips to help you get great auto insurance coverage—while paying less:

  • Drive Safely. Seems obvious, but it’s true. If you get into fewer accidents, your premiums are lower. We also offer First Accident Forgiveness so one little mishap won’t send your payments through the roof. Talk to us for details.
  • Bundle: When you insure more with ERIE, we’re able to cut you a break on your premiums to thank you for your loyalty. Whether that means insuring multiple cars with us or buying life insurance with us, buying in bulk saves you money.
  • Discounts: Ask us about what discounts you qualify for—you might be surprised. From discounts for college students and drivers 55+ to safe driver discounts, you can save in many ways.
  • Lock it in: With ERIE Rate LockSM, your low, locked-in premium will never change—even if you submit a claim—until you add or remove a vehicle or driver, or change your primary residence.

At Erie Insurance, it’s our job to keep you safe and covered—but great coverage doesn’t have to break the bank. Contact our agency to find out how you can reduce your premiums while keeping the level of protection you have learned to expect fromERIE.

The Warm Fuzzies

Sometimes, it’s the little things that we do for our communities: picking up litter on Main Street, chatting with seniors in nursing homes, or buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line.

Everyone has their own way of making our communities better places to live. Erie Insurance thinks it’s pretty important to give back, too. Ever since ERIE’s founder, H.O. Hirt, became involved with helping orphans of World War II in 1949, our employees and agents have made giving their time, talents, and gifts a priority. Today, many ERIE agents and employees focus their volunteer efforts in areas like safety, community building, and environmental responsibility.

You’ll find ERIE agents assembling bikes for inner city youth. You’ll find us building Habitat for Humanity houses, raising funds for United Way, and talking about fire safety. The charities that ERIE agents support are as diverse as they are, but almost all of our agencies are involved in their communities in their own unique way.

Why is altruism so important to us? It’s because giving to our communities helps us to gain a greater understanding of the trials and tribulations that face our neighbors every day. In turn, this lets us serve them better.

Plus, that warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping others is pretty awesome.

All That Glitters

For many people, jewelry isn’t just something that looks pretty—it has real sentimental value. Maybe it’s your class ring, or your grandmother’s pearl necklace. Maybe it’s the antique wedding ring your husband gave you when he proposed on bended knee, or maybe a killer diamond tennis bracelet you bought just because.

Whatever your jewelry means to you, it’s important to protect these financial and emotional investments. Many homeowners policies will cover a limited amount of jewelry in the case of theft or destruction, but what if you have more jewelry that needs protecting? In many cases, that can mean filling out long itemized forms for each and every piece of jewelry you own.

But with ErieSecure HomeSM, you can receive blanket jewelry coverage. That means you can insure your jewelry collection for a set amount—whether that’s $5,000 or $500,000. There’s no need to itemize and insure each piece separately; one policy covers them all. You simply need to have proof of ownership and an assessed value for each piece in case of loss, and you’re good to go.

Jewelry is so much more than just stones and metal. Don’t risk losing your precious belongings. Call us today to find out about blanket coverage for your jewelry and the other host of benefits from ErieSecure Home.