All That Glitters

For many people, jewelry isn’t just something that looks pretty—it has real sentimental value. Maybe it’s your class ring, or your grandmother’s pearl necklace. Maybe it’s the antique wedding ring your husband gave you when he proposed on bended knee, or maybe a killer diamond tennis bracelet you bought just because.

Whatever your jewelry means to you, it’s important to protect these financial and emotional investments. Many homeowners policies will cover a limited amount of jewelry in the case of theft or destruction, but what if you have more jewelry that needs protecting? In many cases, that can mean filling out long itemized forms for each and every piece of jewelry you own.

But with ErieSecure HomeSM, you can receive blanket jewelry coverage. That means you can insure your jewelry collection for a set amount—whether that’s $5,000 or $500,000. There’s no need to itemize and insure each piece separately; one policy covers them all. You simply need to have proof of ownership and an assessed value for each piece in case of loss, and you’re good to go.

Jewelry is so much more than just stones and metal. Don’t risk losing your precious belongings. Call us today to find out about blanket coverage for your jewelry and the other host of benefits from ErieSecure Home.

Starting Over

The worst has happened: Your house is gone. It could have been a tornado, an earthquake or a freak accident. Whatever the reason, you’re left with a foundation and a need to rebuild. What happens now?

If your home was insured with many insurance companies, the answer isn’t clear. With turbulent real estate prices in the past few years, your home may be worth significantly less than you paid for it—and even less than what it cost to rebuild. Or maybe you were underinsured to begin with, and now you’re on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars to rebuild.

But if you were insured with ErieSecure HomeSM, you’d know what to expect. You’d receive 100 percent of the money you needed to replace your home, guaranteed. We know that markets move and change, but your ErieSecure Home policy makes sure you have the right amount of money to start again, rebuild and make something even better than it was before.

Don’t leave these important decisions up to chance. If you’re not sure what would happen to you if your home were destroyed, make sure you have Erie SecureHome. Call us today to find out more.